Maintaining a stock of the appropriate 3D printer supplies isn’t only about ensuring that you can print jobs when orders come in, or when a new part is ready for prototyping. The proper filament is also important; not only for good build quality, but also for ensuring that the printer nozzle doesn’t become jammed due to a filament not rated for your printer. Your requirements for high-quality filament, with the occasional need to replace parts and other consumables, makes it clear that you need a supplier you can count on for various needs. Look no further than Yourtech Services, your local resource for access to decades of office supply experience and a resource for 3D printer users across Australia.

The Importance of Quality 3D Printer Filament

At Yourtech Services, we proudly stock filament in a variety of colours and quantities to suit both MakerBot and Zortrax printers. Whether you need ABS filament or you prefer the versatility of PLA, we exercise strict quality control over our stock, ensuring that you can always enjoy good results. Why is it that quality is so important?

  • Suitable filaments help to ensure even layering. Irregular filament will not flow through the print nozzle correctly, resulting in objects that look jagged or sloppy — not what you want to see at the end of an eight-hour-long print job. 
  • Ensure safe printing conditions. Some types of filament give off potentially harmful particles or gases when printed. These are still safe to use with the correct precautions, but in other cases, safer filaments such as PLA should be your go-to choice. 

When you need to ensure your printer can provide the results you or your clients need, we help you make a strong start.

Related Services We Provide Alongside 3D Printing Supplies in Adelaide 

Filament is far from the only thing we can supply to our customers. Yourtech Services has a versatile array of capabilities we can put at your disposal. Our other services include:

  • 3D printer repair and service. We can provide a quick turnaround on repairs, ensuring your printer never stays offline for long — especially when you have clients waiting for results. 
  • Laser printer and photocopier supply. Need help sourcing other critical office equipment for your business? Allow us to provide cost-effective choices to support your endeavours. 

Whether you need a rapid repair for your 3D printer or a heavy-duty photocopying solution, we’re here to help you find the right answers.

Why Trust Yourtech Services with 3D Printer Filament in Adelaide? 

With more 30 years of experience in the office supply industry, the team behind Yourtech Services has a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in many different working environments. Not only does our understanding lead us to source the most dependable supplies, but it also allows us to provide more robust aid to our clients. Start an order online now, or contact us for insight and assistance.

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