With a 3D printer in Australia, everything from creating small parts with custom specifications to prototyping entire assemblies is possible without the need to liaise with overseas suppliers or domestic fabricators. Instead, from a desktop within your home or business, you can use the power of (CAD) computer-assisted design software to make objects that will appear before your very eyes. At least, they will eventually — 3D printing still takes time, of course, especially with bigger print jobs. 

Where should you look when you need assistance from trustworthy 3D printing suppliers who can help you get started with this technology or upgrade to something better? With Yourtech Services, you’ll find that not only can you access many excellent product options, but you’ll also have the support you need for long-term maintenance. 

Creative Ways to Use 3D Printing Printers

At first glance, 3D printing can practically seem like magic. Layer by layer, objects appear to materialise out of thin air until finally there is a completed item you can hold in your hands. What are some of the most creative ways you can take advantage of this amazing technology?

  • Create custom toys and figurines. With a little knowledge of the design software, you can create custom miniatures perfect for tabletop gaming and much more. 
  • Prototype new parts and hardware before proceeding towards the creation of actual tooling. When your business wants to explore a unique solution, 3D printers allow you to consider design concerns in advance of the later stages of production. 

A Short Buyer’s Guide for 3D Printers and Suppliers 

If you’ve never purchased a 3D printer before, trying to dive head-first into all the information out there is a recipe for an overwhelming experience. Instead of rushing, take a more cautious approach. After all, these units are often a long-term investment. Try our quick buyer’s guide to get started:

  • Choose a printer with enough internal space to match the type of print jobs you’ll undertake. Remember, there is a size limit to how large you can go with all but the largest industrial printers. 
  • Learn about the different types of filament. “Filament” is like “ink” for a 3D printer, except that it is a thin plastic thread the unit melts and deposits to create your design, layer by layer. Different filaments yield different results, with pros and cons to each type. 
  • Have a plan for maintenance. Keeping your 3D printer in good shape means regular service. Having a good asset for repairs, such as Yourtech Services, can provide peace of mind, too. 

Why Yourtech Services is a Cost-Effective Choice Among 3D Printer Retailers 

As a registered seller of all the brands we provide, including MakerBot and Zortrax, Yourtech Services has a keen understanding of this technology and its capabilities. With our help, you can ensure that you only purchase the units most suitable for your purposes and the right filament for the types of print jobs you want to undertake. Avoid purchases that don’t contribute to your goal and instead enjoy an easier way to acquire everything you’ll want. Need help? Contact us here.

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