Whether your office frequently uses 3D printing or is considering it for prototypes and other uses, the MakerBot 3D printer is an ideal choice for your needs. This well-designed machine takes the latest developments in 3D printers and puts them at your disposal in a simple, easy-to-use piece of equipment that easily integrates into your office.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for the MakerBot Method

MakerBot creates some of the most effective 3D printers available on the market. MakerBot Method is a modern design that combines the latest developments in accuracy and efficiency into a single unit that’s ready for your home or office use.

  • You can rely on the MakerBot’s quality for thousands of hours of usage. MakerBot tested the design with over 220,000 hours of reliability, so you can have confidence when you use it that it will produce consistent results time after time.
  • Always stay connected with remote monitoring and printing. You don’t need to be home to know that your printer is making progress and that there are no issues. If any problems arise, the printer will alert you to what needs resolution.
  • Attain perfect accuracy with the MakerBot Method. This 3D printer uses 21 on board sensors to create precise results in all dimensions. Whatever design you provide, the Method will replicate it perfectly.
  • You don’t need any additional wiring to connect this printer to your network. It is natively Wi-Fi-ready, so it’ll function with your existing network setup at home or your office.

Creative Ways to Use a MakerBot Replicator

From the time that 3D printers were first invented, businesses put them to use in several ways that have transformed the way that design takes place. Consider some convenience ways that you can use a Replicator 3D printer in your office:

  • Prototyping – Take your designs from virtual reality to physical reality. Anything that your design team creates on the computer can be sent to the 3D printer for a swift implementation. There’s no better way to know if your new product suits your needs than by seeing it first-hand in front of you.
  • Direct Fabrication – Simplify your production processes by moving directly from blueprints to the completed product. You can create items without assembly by printing them wholesale as a single piece.
  • Repair – When you have broken items, you can either repair or replace them. While you could simply print a replacement, you can reduce your costs even more by printing the ideal component to repair what’s broken.
  • Plastic Designs – For those situations where it’s important not to have metal, you can replace items that have traditionally used steel or other metals with 3D-printed plastic. This lightweight material can function instead of metal in most circumstances and improve your design flexibility.

Why You Should Use Yourtech Services

We work directly with the creators of advanced 3D printers and make them accessible to businesses. As a licensed and authorised distributor of MakerBot in Australia, Yourtech Services can provide the consultation, support, and materials you need to make 3D printing a success for your office. Contact us to learn more about how to incorporate this advanced technology into your business.

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