eSUN TPU 95A Flexible Blue Transparent Filament


eSUN TPU 95A Flexible Blue Transparent Filament

Diameter: 1.75mm

Weight: 1kg

Suitable for Zortrax, MakerBot and UP 3D printers.

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TPU material has good flexibility with a hardness of 95A, easy to print, and can quickly print large, complex and accurate prototypes of elastomer parts. Excellent elasticity, printed products with TPU filament are not easy to deform.

The eSUN TPU 95A Flexible 3D Print Filament is a new flexible 3D printing material that offers both durability and flexibility.

Thanks to the higher Shore Hardness, TPU 95A filament is much easier to print than most of the flexible materials on the market, and the print speed is also much faster.

Product Features

  • Shore Hardness of 95A
  • Exceptional wear and tear resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Good chemical and hydrolysis resistance

Note that flex filament is soft.  You need to take special steps to ensure a smooth printing of flex materials, no matter from which vendor

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