Tiertime UP Mini 3 3D Printer


A perfect printer for Schools and Families

Easy to use with a new adequate size for printing in Schools, the UP mini 3 meets the requirements in schools. With a bigger build plate and easy-to-use software, the printer has all the features needed.
  • True auto calibration – Load balancing
    Dual filtration system for toxic & odor free printing
    Larger build volume
    Automatic door pause protection


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A New Look for the UP Mini3

Designed with the classroom in mind, the all-new UP Mini 3 not only has a new look, but it also has made crucial upgrades with bigger build plate, true auto calibration and filament runout protection.

The new bed leveling mechanism is based on the concept of load balancing. It also means there are no more nozzle height adjustments, everything is calibrated with a simple touch of a button.

Let UP Mini 3 take care of the rest so that you can experience greater 3D printing accuracy.

66% larger build volume

Enjoy a larger printing workspace with the UP Mini 3. The build volume has been increased from 120 x 120 x 120 mm to 200 x 200 x 200 mm.

Dual Filtration Systems

Another way to keep it safe to use the UP Mini 3 in the classroom and in the home is effective filtering systems. Like its big brother the UP 300, the UP Mini 3 has two filtration systems to ensure the absolute purity of airflow around the printer. A HEPA and activated carbon filter combined with higher airflow capacity allows the maintaining of minimal UFP and VOC density inside the printer’s large enclosure.

Door Pause Protection

Children are full of curiosity and, let’s face it, very excitably impatient sometimes. Kids prematurely opening 3D printer’s door during a print is like the 3D printing version of “Are we there yet?” during a car ride. With UP Mini 3’s smart door pause protection any time the door is opened the printer will pause mid-printing, so their little fingers will be kept safe from any moving parts inside the printer as it is operating.

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